I just got off the phone with a major customer of ours.  During our conversation I asked if she is comfortable with our website.  She said it is the only website that she is comfortable using and added it is much better than our competitors! Thanks for making us look so good!
- Reid Grigsby, Norman Orr Office Supply
We know we made the right longterm decision to go with Red Cheetah, and your team proves it everyday.
- Hans Neumann, Boulder County Supply, Inc.
We are excited to be associated with Red Cheetah.  Your company and the software/services offered are extremely polished and professional. 

Mike Combs, Ryan Parker, and Pam Darby met and exceeded my expectations.  Mike was timely in his presentations and answered all of our questions completely and professionally. Ryan will be a pleasure to work with and Pam was very efficient. 

Your web site and the amount of on-line support is appreciated as it gives us 24/7 access to answers for most of our detailed questions.  I also appreciate the dealer forum and the yearly Coalition conference. 

I have been in technology since 1971 and am continually impressed with companies like yours that are progressive enough to endorse new technologies.  I call the image you have developed “Professionally Polished.”  I also appreciate the “Company Tour” on your website showing me that management allows creativity.

I know that the relationship between The Bookstore at the U of Montana and Red Cheetah will be mutually beneficial.
- David Eggebraaten, The Bookstore at The University of Montana
We received great end-user feedback from several Midwest Office Supply's customers and reps after launching our Red Cheetah E-commerce site:



Have a drink for me tonight and tell the Cheetah boys we landed one today because of the web site…



Just wanted to let you know how much better the website is now.

Since the update, the ordering process is really smooth – which I greatly appreciate, since my time seems more and more divided between projects that I am assigned. :)

Just wanted to let you know that it makes part of my job(s) easier.  :) Thanks!


Subject: My first new website customer
Reply-To: Ronnie

You will be happy to know I just closed on a customer that has locations here in Marion, Paducah KY, Murray KY, and Hendersonville TN. They chose us because of our online site, not only their Marion office orders, but the other 2 states. I am becoming a believer of the new site!


To: Jim DiCenso
Subject: Just did an order

Very quick. As easy or easier than Staples site.

We love that the pictures and info appear on the receipt we print.

Even the first time getting on the new site took minimal time and little confusion.

Good work!


To: Susan Malone
Subject: New Website


I like the updated website, it's much faster and looks very user friendly. 

Thank you!!!!!


To: Jim DiCenso
Subject: RE: envelopes

Thanks Jim, I really like the new ordering process.  Congrats on the greatly improved website.
- Jim DiCenso and Susan Malone, Midwest Office Supply

I have continued to pick up 3-5 new accounts every day and it is the Red Cheetah storefront that assists me securing these new accounts. Our online customers rave about the ease and use. We have secured some accounts simply by directing them to www.stotzfatzinger.com and giving them a password.

Thanks and keep at it!

- Bill Regan, Stotz & Fatzinger Office Supply
Due to the increased efficiency of using Red Cheetah we were able to eliminate 2 full time and 2 part time jobs. (We did not fire anyone, but we did not need to rehire anyone).

The decrease in the amount of manual processes and decrease in returns has been money in the bank for us!  I would highly recommend Red Cheetah to any dealer.
- Jason Brown, USU Bookstore
Just want to take a moment and thank each one of you for a very successful transition over to Red Cheetah.

Things are going well and we look forward to working with you in the future. We truly appreciate everything you did from Mike setting the hook and reeling us into the RC team,  John for pushing us forward and being patient with us during training and David for your great service and advice.

Thanks again…
- Kevin P. Gillespie, Super Eagle Supply
I enjoy speaking with people about your company because it is very sincere. I have never had anything but positive experiences with everyone there.
- Allen Saunders, SunDANCE Office Supply
I'm always happy to share a conversation with someone who is in a situation I was once in, and help them get on the right track. Red Cheetah has far exceeded my expectations, keep up the good work!
- Rex Tidwell, Hallmark Office
I have nothing but great things to say about everyone on the Red Cheetah team.

Andrew and Steve have certainly done a great job of surrounding themselves with the best of the best.
- Larry McClendon, Marimon, Inc.
I for one will recommend Red Cheetah to everyone. I think it is just an incredible system that can benefit any dealer. We are more than happy to talk to other dealers on Red Cheetah's behalf...Red Cheetah is a great partner to work with.
- Lou Ann Tiger, Daniel Office Products
Red Cheetah is a GREAT partner!
- Bob Daniel, Daniel Office Products
Gee, you guys are on top of things! I'm so impressed with RC's commitment to customer service! I appreciate all your help with my little issues. Quick response, even on the little things, is crucial and you guys at RC are on the BOMB!
- Lee Ann Hargrave, Discount Supplies
I am happy to see all of the success you guys are having and I am proud to say we were among the first dealers to sign with Red Cheetah.

You guys do a great job of making the independent dealer competitive in the market place by providing a top of the line web presence.

The one common theme in successful organizations is that they find and keep good people. Top to bottom, Red Cheetah is full of great people who take pride in doing a great job.

I am sure you will have many more years of success and I look forward to growing right along with you.
- Larry McClendon, Marimon Inc.
Your software and ease of use has helped us grow our on-line ordering from 8% in 2004 to about 50% this year! Sometimes it scares us that the phones aren't ringing off the wall, but then we realize that we have setup so many of our customers and they do their own ordering!

- Karen Carter, The Business Center Printing and Office Supply
I am not at work, but already at home and into cocktail hour after a beautiful afternoon of golf!! (One of the best things about switching to Red Cheetah...being able to access the entire operating system at home via the web!!)
- Josh Kunkle, AMO Office Products
I've always admired Red Cheetah's ability to step up and admit a mistake when it happens, as it will, from time to time. Thanks again.

As we continue to say here, "RED CHEETAH ROCKS!"
- Steven Cobb, Sullivan's Office Supply, Inc.
You guys are seriously the best company I've worked with. You should use the motto: "Do what you say, say what you do". 'Cause that's exactly what you do!
- Ty Lambert, Palm Business Supply
Red Cheetah's functionality is terrific. The portability with it being web based, allows for me to in front of customers and even off my smart phone I'm able to transmit orders. This is a great benefit to us in terms of efficiency and also for our customers to see that the order has been confirmed and with the email back to them they know it did not just go into a black hole and that product is coming next day!

What to change about Red Cheetah? Just keep making it better!
- Boulder County Supply, Hans Neumann
We've just introduced the new Outpost storefront. It's more modern, more user friendly so I believe customers will have a better experience and be inclined to place more online orders.

I really appreciate the whole Red Cheetah family being willing to change, not only to keep up with this ever changing technology, but to try to stay ahead of it. They're hard to beat!
- Greg Suits, Preferred Office Supply
As a small corporation I'm able to compete with the Staples and Office Depots of this world. Red Cheetah helps me look bigger and project the professional image I'm looking for.
- Ira Leavens, Coastline Office Solutions
I chose Red Cheetah because of the web futurity built into the application. I was pleasantly surprised with the follow through  in terms of training and helping me close the gap as a new company in the industry. I came down for 3 days of training and the rest is history! I am a loyal Red Cheetah distributor.
- Syd Drain, Redi Supply Company
We would recommend Red Cheetah to other dealers for simplicity. The training videos were so user friendly. The back office side is so important too - stocking copy paper and other items - it's really easy to manipulate the orders and then send them through to the wholesalers. Exporting all the invoices into QuickBooks is really nice too.

It's a win win all the way around partnering with Red Cheetah. We're sold and we want to be a Red Cheetah dealer for life!
- Frankie Mann, OESCO Office Equipment Supply Company
I'm on Red Cheetah constantly and can say it's very user friendly. I've been training people and they pick it up so quick. It's done step by step. You can't compare to Red Cheetah.

The new storefront, Outpost, is amazing. I logged in as a customer, saw it was there, and ran around the office saying "You've got to see this! It's awesome!" It's simple - it's not too much for the customers - especially for non technically advanced customers who have trouble navigating.
- Tom Reis, XPress Business Products
It keeps our pricing in line and has allowed us to be more serious competition. We've been able to go into a lot larger companies around town and develop their contracts and contact information plus levels of authorization for orders. There's a lot of little great details built into the system. Use Red Cheetah it will increase your business!
- Edy Seaver, Tangerine Office Systems
Red Cheetah's ecommerce site is very good - far superior to the one we were using before. Our customers have had zero problems with the online ordering system. I would definitely recommend Red Cheetah for dealers looking for an ecommerce solution.
- Chris Bolm, Office Solutions NW
I like to treat my customer, whether they're small or large, like they are the most important customer. That's the way I feel Red Cheetah treats me - like I'm their #1 customer. It feels like a family. It's very personal - all of our dealer advisors have been responsive. I know I'm not the biggest dealer they handle, but I feel like it.
- Bob Goss, The Office Center
I can't recommend Red Cheetah software enough. When we first started our dealership we were literally manually typing in our invoices and working with Quickbooks and didn't have a very fast solution to offer a web storefront to our clients or be able to connect electronically to our wholesalers. Ever since we implemented Red Cheetah, a lot of the time, energy and resources that we would spend in administratively managing our business, has now been re-routed to sales. We implemented a tool that has made us more efficient administratively.

We run a very virtual model - all our sales reps work out of their houses. Because Red Cheetah is a web-based product, we have the ability to be able to work from anywhere. I literally can be in front of a customer with my iphone and show them what it was they ordered previously or look up some of the pricing and margin on the account before I go in
and have the sales call.
- Ben Harris, Harris Technologies
This will be my fifth software to run the business on in the last 12 years. What I like about Red Cheetah is the culture - the president Andrew being someone that was in my shoes. He gets us and gets what our problems are and he's trying to solve them. That's what's attractive to me.

Seeing how they approach things and how they believe in what they're doing makes me confident this is going to be a great process and a great place to run the business from long term. They're not just interested that the software can run pick tickets and invoices they're interested in how we're growing our business and how the website and the software can make a difference in our business.
- Greg Markelz, Markelz Office Products
I would definitely recommend Red Cheetah. You guys are more forward thinking, there's a lot of flexibility, and the service is fantastic. When there are issues, we figure out some quick work arounds. It's been a fantastic experience so far - we've been with Red Cheetah 5 years now.
- Kevin Kirkpatrick, Advantage Supply
You do not have to have an indepth industry knowledge to jump into the Red Cheetah software and fairly quickly run your business. It is written in dealer speak. Our implementation took about 3 weeks. All data came over smoothly. Day 1 we were running the system with zero hiccups, zero glitches. All of our customers got the right product at the right price the next day - that's the goal. Our customers reacted very favorably.

One of the things that drew us to Red Cheetah was the e-commerce offering. We wanted the speed. Speed and the simplistic nature and the flow drew us to the Red Cheetah e-commerce platform.
- Jeff DeMarco, Midwest Office Supply
The reports and time that is saved with purchasing (and everything!) is incredible. We came from Britannia to Red Cheetah and it is apples and oranges.

It is easier and has freed up a lot of my time. I don't have to spend all day looking at the purchasing screen - I can concentrate on other aspects of the business. I would recommend Red Cheetah software to any independent dealer.

The Red Cheetah folks are great. Anytime I have a question, I can call or email my DA. Within a short time I have an answer to my problems. When my DA is not there, someone else is always willing to step in and help out.
- Roger Mammoth, Cornettes Office Products
We have had nothing but success since joining with Red Cheetah. We try to make sure that we are current with the times, and part of that is our partnership with Red Cheetah. I enjoy dealing with my rep there, David. Any issues that I have usually get taken care of pretty quickly; I don't have to wait for someone to call me back and then explain to them how I use the system and how it applies to my business...he knows what we do.
- Allen Saunders, SunDANCE Office Supply
Prior to our using Red Cheetah, we were with Britannia for a number of years...it's been very refreshing to have made this change to Red Cheetah for a number of reasons. We really had a tough time with our quarterly updates, and I think that may be at the top of our list as far as benefits Red Cheetah offers.
- Chuck Rhodes, Reidsville's Office City
What I've seen with Red Cheetah is that if you have an issue, they work on it for you. We love it! It's very user-friendly. Our business has grown tremendously in the last six years; our online order percentage has gone from 3 customers ordering online in 2003 to 70% ordering online.
- Kathy Graves, Wilton's Office Works
We have been using Red Cheetah for five years, and without a question it's one of the best business decisions I've ever made! Since we've been using Red Cheetah, our sales have grown an average of 11% a year.
- Bob Daniel, Daniel Office Products
Since we started with Red Cheetah...we have captured no less than 50 customers that just love the site...
- Bill Regan, Stotz & Fatzinger Office Supply