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The Red Cheetah Story

The adventure began in 2001 when Andrew Morgan of Lone Star Supplies contracted a local Austin web development company to build a sophisticated web application that would allow Lone Star's customers to order online and give Lone Star the capability to transmit orders directly to S.P. Richards.

Lone Star was experiencing triple-digit growth for the third year in a row and needed more functionality than they were getting from Britannia, their provider at the time. Additionally, Lone Star wasn't willing to pay high fees or pay for a percentage of their online sales, so instead of settling for the system providers they had to choose from, Lone Star soon had their own E-commerce platform.

While it was successfully powering Lone Star to better margins and operational efficiencies, Andrew realized the new tool could greatly benefit other office supply dealers. He conducted calls and interviews with more than 100 dealers across the country, and quickly discovered that the software was superior to other products available in the office supply industry. He was amazed at the volume of dealers ready to sign on immediately. Red Cheetah was born!

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Our mission is for Red Cheetah dealers to experience better buying, better marketing, and better selling to effectively compete with the power channel.